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XCAPE AFTERHOURS, A Gold Medal party to showcase Coca-Cola’s KMX energy drink during the 2002 Winter Olympic Games in Park City, Utah. The party celebrated the achievements of athletes participating in the Winter Olympic Games and hosted celebrity guests.

By creating a stylish hideaway at the foot of Treasure Mountain with invigorating sight and sound from globally renowned DJ’s and visual artists, the event provided a much-needed ambiance to relax and unwind in a club-like setting enhanced by the natural beauty of Park City.

Progressive, high-energy music will renew attendees with an inspired performance by BT DJ Tony Stewart; original artwork by visual artists Dawn Samuelson and J. Walker Dodson, whose distinctive artwork is known for fusing natural elements of nature and modern day man.

Martini Bar courtesy of Blue Ice Vodka.

An “X” silver lapel pin necessary for entrance. “X” MARKS THE SPOT.