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Mandela House, Johannesburg, 1 October 2007


Today at the Nelson Mandela Foundation offices in Johannesburg, Mr Mandela announced the Fifth International 46664 Concert which is to be held at Ellis Park, Johannesburg, South Africa on World AIDS Day, Saturday, December 1st 2007.

Mr. Mandela further announced that he is delighted to host yet another milestone 46664 concert in South Africa.

“46664 is committed to HIV AIDS awareness and prevention. We create and support initiatives that deliver sustainable solutions to help combat the HIV AIDS pandemic that is so tragically affecting our world” commented Mr Mandela. “We are grateful that the City of Johannesburg has made it possible for 46664 to stage our first World Aids Day concert. Johannesburg has long asked for a concert to be held here and I am happy that we can now deliver to the people of Johannesburg. We look forward to being joined by thousands of citizens on that day”.

New performing artists and celebrity announcements will be made over the coming weeks, and existing international ambassadors will also be back to perform for Mr. Mandela, demonstrating their continued commitment to the 46664 campaign.

46664 recently unveiled its new campaign and plans to build on its past achievements and expand its outreach activities to communities and schools to engage the youth most affected by HIV and AIDS.

The not-for-profit organisation harnesses the universal connecting power of music, sport and entertainment to deliver its messages primarily to the youth and young adults. The campaign is driven by icons, ambassadors and celebrities in these fields, thereby capturing the attention of youth world-wide.

Previous 46664 concerts have taken place in South Africa, Spain and Norway and Mr. Mandela recently announced his 90th birthday 46664 concert to be celebrated in London on June 27th 2008.

ABOUT 46664

Inspired by the vision and leadership of Mr Mandela, 46664 was launched in November 2003 with a concert in Cape Town featuring international and African artists who agreed to become 46664 Ambassadors. The aim of 46664 is to raise awareness of the global HIV/AIDS pandemic, as well as funds to support the 46664 campaign. Projects in many sub-Saharan countries are already benefiting from the success of 46664 through multi-million Rand investments generated from the proceeds raised by the campaign and concerts. Since launch in 2003, further 46664 events have been held in George, South Africa; Madrid, Spain and Tromso in Norway. The campaign is now broadening its scope to engage young people through outreach activities in schools and communities in South Africa and to pursue the living legacy of Nelson Mandela’s life and work. That vision encompasses fighting for social justice and the values of democracy, freedom and development.

At the launch of 46664 in 2003, Nelson Mandela said: No longer is AIDS just a disease, it is a human rights issue. For the sake of Africa and the world, we must act and act now. Act to raise funds to help those affected by Aids and raise awareness to help prevent the further spread of HIV… 46664 is a unique global initiative using the universal language of music, sport and entertainment to take our message to the greatest possible audience.”

46664 is a not-for-profit company wholly owned by the Nelson Mandela Foundation. For further information, please see and